davis-buildingdavis-logo1360 E 1450 N
Clearfield, UT 84015
Phone: 801- 773-0712
Fax: 801-774-8267
Email: jason@familyconnection4u.org
Website: www.familyconnection4u.org


The Family Connection Center (FCC) is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 organization that serves families throughout Davis County, Utah. The FCC is headquartered at 1360 E 1450 N in Clearfield. Of the families FCC assists, 95% live at moderate to low income levels. Since 1985, our programs have educated and empowered people who have experienced poverty and abuse, assisting them in their journey to find lasting solutions to overcome poverty. During fiscal year 2011-2012, the FCC provided services to over 10,000 individuals. Our vision is to eradicate abuse and poverty one person at a time. The primary objectives of our programs are to:


  1. Increase self-sufficiency of families by eliminating barriers to poverty; and
  2. Strengthen families and increase protective factors for children.


As the Community Action Agency in Davis County, the FCC delivers services through a case management model where staff and volunteers work with families in support of self-sufficiency to overcome poverty. Providing food bank services, emergency assistance, transitional housing, tax preparation, and self-sufficiency training, FCC case managers assist families and individuals in their efforts to eliminate the barriers in their lives that maintain poverty.


As the Family Support Program in Davis County, the FCC delivers preventive and intervention services to strengthen family systems by providing a safe place for children during stressful or crisis situations, offering enhanced services to these and other families by providing free education, outreach, advocacy, and counseling services. These services provide clients with the support resources necessary to successfully address a wide range of family stressors, each of which is unhealthy for the positive growth and development of children.