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Moab, UT 84532
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The Family Support Center of Moab is housed in the Moab Christmas Box House, located at 180 S 300 E in Moab. The Center provides a Crisis/Respite Nursery for children, along with temporary emergency shelter care services. This program is supervised by Grand County and the Department of Child and Family Services.


Program Philosophy:
The purpose of the Family Support Center of Moab is to reduce and prevent the incidence of child abuse in Grand and San Juan counties by providing a 24-hour Crisis/Respite Nursery as a family support system. Realizing that all parents experience stress during the course of raising their children, the Family Support Center provides accessible respite/crisis care and education to families as a means of preventing child abuse and neglect.

Our Mission Statement:
The mission of the Family Support Center is to protect children, strengthen families, and create a caring community.

Service Goals:

  1. To establish and maintain a 24-hour Crisis/Respite Nursery to provide short-term crisis, respite, and supplemental care for children ages 0-11 years of age.
  2. To provide education, information, and referral services to families in crisis.
  3. To promote the safety and well-being of children by providing a safe, home-like environment to promote their healthy development.


Services we provide include:

  1. 24-hour care of children for families at-risk of child abuse.
  2. Housing for children removed from their homes by DCFS.
  3. 24-hour access to center personnel to assist with crisis situations and provide information regarding child abuse prevention and/or community support services.
  4. Other educational services for children and/or adults.
  5. Providing education and information to community audiences.
  6. Teaching the prevention of abuse to children in their schools.
  7. Coordinating, assessing, linking, and monitoring families and the services they utilize.
  8. Services to families who have adopted or are fostering children through the Department of Child and Family Services.